Wasatch County Chapter - Daughters of the Utah Pioneers

Wasatch Company Daughters of Utah Pioneers President

     Di Ann Duke Turner - President 435-654-2868 Cell 435-671-2396
     Eva Kaye Bonner - 1st Vice President 435-654-1648
     Barbara Thacker - 2nd Vice President 435-654-0779
     Shirleen Mayo - Secretary 435-654-3076
     Sheri Price - Treasurer 801-358-1313
     Launa Nielson - Parliamentarian 435-654-0342
     Sarah Duke Duncan - Registrar 801-598-8839
     Donna Mork - Music 435-657-1772
     Judy Milliner - Chaplin 435-503-7401
     Rachel Harvey - IT 435-671-9874
     Di Ann Duke Turner - Lesson Leader 435-654-2868 or 435-671-2396
     Kathryn Berg - Museum Director 435-654-0164

DUP Camps in Wasatch County:

  • Camp One - Laurel North, Captain 435-654-2558 
  • Forget-Me-Not - Vicky Smith, Captain 385-220-4778
  • Hawthorne/Deer Creek - Jane Giles, Captain 435-654-5961
  • Round Valley - Evva Lee Young, Captain 435-654-1744
  • Sego Lily - Judy Milliner 435-503-7401
  • Sunflower/ Timpanogos - Mary Ward 435-709-1437

Membership Requirements

Women 18 years and older can be members if their ancestors came to the territory of Deseret (Utah) prior the completion of the transcontinental railroad (May 10, 1869).

Women who are interested in Utah history, but do not have pioneer ancestry can join as associate members. 

Membership applications are available at the Museum, from Camp Captains or online.
Click here for Online Application

Museum Board

  • Kathryn Berg, Museum Director 435-654-0164
  • Di Ann Duke Turner, Wasatch County DUP President 435-654-2868 Cell 432-671-2396
  • Lavon Provost, Member of the board 435-654-0680
  • Kathy Tingey, Member of the board 435-654-4518
  • Kathleen Kendall, Member of the board 435-654-0558

Our Purpose

Daughters of the Utah Pioneers was organized solely for historical, educational, and public purposes and is completely non-political and non-sectarian. We are dedicated to honoring the names and achievements of the men, women, and children who founded Utah.


We seek to encompass a broad scope of services, ranging from the preservation of historic landmarks to the education of thousands of school children and adults about their pioneer forebears.

Wasatch County Chapter

188 S Main Street

Heber City, Utah  84032

Tel. (435) 654-2868

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