Planning a Family Adventure?

Come to the Wasatch County Daughters of Pioneers Museum located at 188 So Main Street in Heber City. Admission is Free. We are a non-profit organization with the mission to honor the achievements of all pioneers who came to the Utah Territory. Artifacts, photographs and histories have been and are being collected and preserved for the public to see. The Museum provides our visitors the opportunity to learn about the early history of Wasatch County. Highlighted are early settlers, the communities and artifacts of the pioneer era between 1830 and 1900.

What is "New'' at the Museum?

Recently the Fortie family donated a tool chest and tools that belonged to the architect and a builder of the Wasatch Stake Tabernacle, Alexander Fortie. A display of Native American artifacts has been assembled that includes facsimiles and original items from the culture of our first inhabitants. Items that tell a story about pioneer life, work and play are displayed. Additional "Seek and Find" activity sheets for children have been developed. Several of our display cases have been relocated to accommodate our growth, the photographs have been cleaned and new ones hung as part of Weston Epperson's Eagle project. We appreciate his excellent work and also those who assisted him in the project.

Come and Visit

Learn about the history of this wonderful place, its people and their lives! The Museum is open Tuesday- Saturday 1:00-4:00, remember admission is free.

Join With Us

Women 18 years and older can be members if their ancestors came to the territory of Deseret (Utah) prior to the completion of the transcontinental railroad (May 10, 1869). Women who are interested in Utah history, but do not have pioneer ancestry can join as associate members. 

Membership applications are available at the Museum, from Camp Captains or online. Click here for Online Application

Be a Volunteer at the Museum

Become a docent, three hours, one day a week. Assist patrons and learn interesting facts about Wasatch County its people and land.

Artifact Donations to the DUP Museum

Artifacts that are appropriate for display that fit the pioneer era criteria (pre 1900) and are in good repair will be evaluated for acceptance. 
"My mind has turned to those early Saints who are too often lost to history, those who quietly and faithfully bore the kingdom forward through far more difficult days. So many of them seem almost nameless to us now. Most went unheralded to their graves—often early graves. Some few have made it into a line or two of Church history, but most have come and gone with neither high office nor history's regard. These folks, our collective ancestors, slipped into eternity as quietly and anonymously as they lived their religion. These are the silent Saints of whom President J. Reuben Clark once spoke when he thanked them all, 'especially,' he said, 'the meekest and lowliest of them, [largely] unknown [and] unremembered, [except] round the hearthstones of their children and their children's children who pass down from generation to generation the story of their faith' (in Conference Report, Oct. 1947, 155)."  Jeffery R. Holland, May 2000

Our Purpose

Daughters of the Utah Pioneers was organized solely for historical, educational, and public purposes and is completely non-political and non-sectarian. We are dedicated to honoring the names and achievements of the men, women, and children who founded Utah.


We seek to encompass a broad scope of services, ranging from the preservation of historic landmarks to the education of thousands of school children and adults about their pioneer forebears.

Wasatch County Chapter

188 S Main Street

Heber City, Utah  84032

Tel. (435) 654-2868

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